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Cosmetic surgery is a widely used type of surgery to cure various ailments and to correct various defects and imperfections. Cosmetic surgery does a wide variety of surgical and medical procedures. Some of them are elaborated below. But before going into that, it is essential to understand that cosmetic surgery on a wide basis can be divided into two parts – invasive and non-invasive.

Invasive surgery includes procedures like facelifts, tummy tucks, breast or cheek augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, etc. Non-invasive surgery includes Botox injections, laser treatments, skin peels, non-invasive rhinoplasty, etc.

* Liposuction – This is the process of removing excessive fat from the body to give it a more sculpted look. Generally, the cosmetic surgeon uses a device called a cannula to pull the fat out. It’s one of the safest methods of cosmetic surgeries done today.
* Skin Peels – This is also called chemical peeling. This is a method to lighten scars made by skin blemishes and acne. Some special types of chemical peels are also used to remove pre-cancerous growths on the skin.
* Botox – The most famous and common of the non-invasive surgeries, Botox is short for Botulinum toxin. It is generally injected into the skin. What it does is temporarily paralyze the muscle where it is injected. It is ideal for removing wrinkles and for reducing excessive sweating. The chemical is injected in small amounts. Though quite harmless, it is known to have minimal side effects like pain, fever, and irritation.
* Breast Augmentation – A surgery that is quite popular throughout the world, it deals with increasing the size of the breasts. Augmentation is generally done by inserting silicone implants into the breasts.
* Face Lift – This is a highly invasive surgery that involves removing excessive skin from areas of the face to remove wrinkles and give the face a more youthful appearance.
* Tummy Tuck – This is often done to women who have given birth. After delivery, the skin around the tummy loosens. A tummy tuck solves this problem. It flattens the tummy region by removing the flaggy skin and excessive fat.
* Laser Hair Removal – Just as the name suggests, this procedure involves the removal of unwanted hair from the body by using a laser. Laser hair removal is now replacing electrolysis as it is less painful and quicker.
* Nose Job – A nose job is technically called rhinoplasty. This is actually derived from two Greek words – Rhino meaning nose and plassein, which means ‘to shape’. This surgery is done not only to make the nose look better but also to improve its function which may be hampered by excessive tissue or some birth defect. For more information on finding Arizona rhinoplasty, check this directory out.
* Body Contouring – This refers to a wide range of procedures that are aimed at shaping the different parts of the body to give it a more sculptured appearance.

These are merely some of the most common types of surgery in cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic treatment procedures are a vast field in medicine and involve hundreds of techniques and procedures that are used by surgeons. Today, cosmetic surgery is highly popular more for its look enhancement quality than others. For referenced information, please also refer to

Employment in Arizona

Medical Employment in Arizona

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